Fractional CTO services for startups & scale-ups

Commercially Focused Technical Leadership

As a CEO or founder, navigating the complexities of technical leadership is crucial for your startup or scale-up success. Understanding that a full-time CTO may not be feasible or necessary for your specific needs, we offer a dynamic solution: fractional CTO services.

Alignment of Business and Technology

PAYG CTO specialise in providing focused technical leadership. Led by Mark Batty, a veteran with 30 years in software engineering, technical management, and strategic leadership, we empower your venture at every stage.

We align your business objectives with technology, considering aspects from business operations to organisational structure, ensuring a holistic approach to growth and continuous improvement.

Services Tailored to Your Journey

Our fractional CTO services are versatile, catering to startups and scale-ups, including:

  • Ideation and technical feasibility.
  • Managing MVP development.
  • Building and leading technical teams.
  • Accelerating onboarding and product adoption.
  • Scaling teams, products, and services.
  • Data monetisation and product-led growth.
  • Optimising efficiency and software delivery.

Fractional CTO Services

Our fractional CTO services are your on-demand, pay-as-you-go leadership solution, offering flexible engagement from 1 hour/month to several hours daily.

This is different to an interim position, which is often full-time for a limited period.

Why Choose a Fractional CTO?

Explore the benefits:

  • Cost-effective compared to a full-time CTO.

  • Expertise in both technology and leadership.

  • Flexibility to adjust engagement to match needs.

  • Objective external insights without internal bias.

Elevate your technical leadership with a balance of cost, expertise, and flexibility a fractional CTO offers.

Empathetic Leadership

Our approach transcends traditional consulting, we prioritise relationship building and understanding your unique challenges, ensuring our services are tailored to your specific goals.

We believe human-centred empathetic leadership is the driving force that empowers organizations to succeed.

By integrating this philosophy into our services, we aim to not only enhance your capabilities but also foster a culture of innovation and collaboration that resonates throughout your entire organisation.

Flexible Services and Pricing

Our core packages are designed to provide progressively deeper levels of engagement, while our add-on pack offers the flexibility of additional on-demand support at short notice, subject to availability.

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All packages

Monthly call with CEO/founder/SLT.

Email and chat support.

Small contingency for dynamic needs.

Scalable engagement options.


1 hour/week for strategic advice.

Strategic technology decision-making.

Ideal for startup technology advice.

From £1,500/month

Insight (Most popular)

3-4 hours/week for tailored sessions.

Technology and business alignment.

Ideal for business technology integration.

From £3,800/month


5-7 hours/week for leadership oversight.

Collaboration with leadership and teams.

Ideal for optimising workflows or scaling.

From £6,000/month


10-15 hours/week for direct leadership.

Managing technology, teams, processes.

Ideal for growth and scaling challenges.

From £11,500/month

Add-on Pack

4-5 hours for on-demand support.

Rapid response to urgent needs.

Ideal for adapting to dynamic changes.


Our packages are billed monthly in advance and our add-on pack is billed on-demand in advance.

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